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April Resident Spotlight

April 9, 2019
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Ethel Jean. I was named after my mothers older sister, she passed away. Her name was Ethel. She never went by Ethel and neither do I.

April 18th, 1929 Was born in Lawrenceburg Indiana.

I had three brothers and two sisters, all are deceased now.


My husband Ted, one son named Gary, daughter-in-law Doris, and two granddaughters.

I only worked for one company-Branch manager-Netherland Plaza western Union telegraph company-Dwight Eisenhower came in and I got his signature!

What did you like to do in your spare time?
Played bridge, I used to love to shop, loved to cook, and my father-in-law used to own a nursing home and I would cook for them.

Do you like pets?
I love pets, had Maxi and Stewert. (poodles) When I was small I had a German Shepard/collie mix named Dick.

Did you travel? Where?
Yes, we traveled to Germany, Canada, and England.

Name some significant events in your life
When my son was born and when my granddaughters were born.

What is your favorite time of year and why?
Spring, because everything becomes alive!

What makes you feel happy?
Just living, I have a great husband, great son, a great daughter-in-law, great grandchildren, and great friends!

Some facts about your life
Was third of six kids, I went to St. Catholic grade school with very strict nuns, worked at UC Med school as a standardized patient. I was the person students would assess in their studies.

Funny or fun memories from childhood
Had a pony named Tony, Shetland pony, (dad had a lot of horses) I would ride Tony to the store.
Jackie Robinson came in to Western Union and I didn’t know who he was!
Have a lot of wonderful nieces and nephews, a few are in med school!
My mother was Irish so we had s lot of celebrations, especially St Patrick’s Day. My grandmother was born in Ireland.
My Grandfather owned a dry goods store in Mt. Adams.
Gary went to Roger Bacon school.

News & Events

Independence Day at Florentine Gardens
We had a great time celebrating!

Making Patriotic Decor!
Our residents are so crafty!

Lunch from Freddy's
We love when our residents take over our conference room!

Summer Garden in Full Swing
The rain finally let up enough to check on our garden.

Elvis was in the Building
He left us all shook up!

Warm Weather Inspires Residents to Garden
They loved planting flowers, vegetables, and herbs!

Nursing Home Week: Decades Day
Celebrating through the decades!

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